Friday Tour | Jonny Geber

Friday 27 January, 12.30pm

Qiu Zhijie @ Talbot Rice Gallery
Qiu Zhijie, 'Empire Series: Babylon Tower' 2016

This week’s tour will be led by Jonny Geber who is a Lecturer in Human Osteoarchaeology, the scientific study of skeletons found in archaeological sites. Using the three current exhibitions we will explore the ‘archaeological perspective’ and ask questions about how much we can really know about the past given the available evidence. Nira Pereg’s work, which is filmed on a holy burial site, will be the basis for a conversation about the techniques used to identify remains and how archaeology differs from history when it comes to according value to specific individuals. The disappearing library of Lara Favaretto will act as a provocative metaphor for the jigsaw puzzle of long-ago times and what you do if many of the pieces are missing. Then, Qiu Zhijie’s imaginative mapping of different knowledge systems will help us – led by Jonny – imagine we are on an archaeological dig, speculating about what the finds might tell us.

Talbot Rice Gallery
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