Friday Tour | Stephanie Mann (with Julie-Ann Delaney and Ian Molnar)

Stephanie Mann @ Talbot Rice Gallery
Stephanie Mann, 2022, Withdrawn objects. Courtesy Talbot Rice Gallery. Photo: Sally Jubb

Stephanie Mann’s Withdrawn objects (2022) involves a set of objects from the University’s collections being cored, then the cores being ground down into a microscopic dust to be absorbed by other objects. This week’s lunchtime tour will take the form of a handling session with the artist, raising questions about how we understand the agency of objects. We’ll hear from Stephanie about the process she undertook within the collection and the School of Geosciences. Joined by Julie-Ann Delaney, Art Collections Curator, and Ian Molnar, Lecturer in Hydrogeology and specialist in Nano-particles, we’ll question the value of objects, how thinking microscopically changes our understanding, ‘aura’ and how the status of something changes throughout its life cycle.

Talbot Rice Gallery
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