Friday Tour | Tom Grove

Friday 9 September, 12.30pm

Fabric and objects installed in gallery with georgian architecture
Céline Condorelli, 'Thinking through Skin', 2021-22. Courtesy the artist and Talbot Rice Gallery

Tom Grove is a marine biologist who specialises in whale ecology. Engaging with Céline Condorelli’s Thinking Through Skin, this tour will begin with a discussion about how octopuses might see the world. Taking Condorelli’s lead, it will be an invitation to imagine a very different and very immediate ways of being. This will be extended to a consideration of whales and their cognition. With this information to hand, the tour will then use other parts of the exhibition to ask questions of these remarkable animals. Do they play? How do they adapt their environments? What is the significance of them having a much more developed ‘social brain’ than us? Lastly, Tom will lead us in thinking about what we might learn from whales and why it is so valuable to imagine non-human forms of consciousness.