Online Artist Talk | Marwa Arsanios

Thursday 18 May, 6pm

Marwa Arsanios @ Talbot Rice Gallery
Marwa Arsanios. Photo: Mariam Mekawi


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Artist, film-maker and researcher Marwa Arsanios will give a presentation about the development of her collaborative practice and how she has used it to document subjects including gender relations and the consequences of neo-liberalism. With a focus on the series of films Who is Afraid of Ideology (with Part 4: Reverse Shot in Talbot Rice Gallery’s current exhibition The Accursed Share) she will talk about women’s efforts to reconnect to the land. Including autonomous communes and indigenous struggles, this is a story of people trying to hold on to knowledge systems and ways of living that allow them to be self-sustaining. To live, in other words, in defiance of capital accumulation and the drive to make people indebted to a state system. With Reverse Shot the talk will culminate in a discussion of her ongoing attempt to create a commons land (a shared community space to grow food) on the site of an old quarry in Lebanon.

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