Real Music / Friday Lunchtime Tours


Real Music at Talbot Rice Gallery
Samson Young, 'Possible Music 2', 2019. Photo: Sally Jubb. Courtesy Talbot Rice Gallery


Free Admission - no booking required

Dr. Michele Ducceschi received a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship that enabled him to conduct numerical and experimental studies of the double bass, supported by the University of Edinburgh’s of the Acoustics and Audio Group. Part of his work has been to explore to potential of the Next Generation Sound Synthesis (NESS) research, utilised by Samson Young’s Possible Music #2, 2019. Talking about how the NESS system works, Michele will elaborate on its potential as a tool for musicians and historians of music.

Bringing in experts from across the University of Edinburgh and beyond, our lunchtime tours enable a deeper exploration of some of the complex issues raised through our exhibitions. Each week, following a short general introduction by one of the Gallery’s curators, a specialist from a different field will join us to expand upon the themes of specific artworks. Providing different perspectives on Samson Young’s Real Music the upcoming tours navigate through the history of experimental music, the transcultural negotiations of the colonial empire, future applications of the next generation sound synthesis research and the culture of tourist instruments.

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