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Concerned with ideas of urbanism and consumption, Batchelor has scoured the pound shops of East London and the major cities of Scotland to create a multi-coloured forest of plastic and steel. Each component part an object of little value, the colour and material alludes to low status culture and lives lived by economy and thrift. What could be seen as vulgar detritus to some becomes in Batchelor’s hands, jewel like and magical. Ranging from small, improvised, table-top sculptures, to pillars nearly four metres high, each work consists of a simple found metal support onto which up to five hundred small plastic objects, toys or utensils are attached. 

Unplugged, Batchelor’s equivalent of an acoustic album, continues the artist’s research into the characteristic forms of colour in the city, into the social and cultural spaces where that colour is located.

Includes illustrations, an interview with Pat  Fisher and David Batchelor and ‘The Colour of Slang,’ an essay by Briony Fer.


Edited by Pat Fisher and Martin Minton

Design by Ian Mcllroy


Published by Talbot Rice Gallery

2007, English

23 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm, 61 pages, soft cover with illustrations

ISBN 1-873108-53-2