Donald Judd | Working Papers: Donald Judd Drawings, 1963-93


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Working Papers: Donald Judd Drawings, 1963-93

The work of Donald Judd changed the course of sculpture in the 20th Century. As the first exhibition in Scotland to study Judd’s studio methods, 'Working Papers' focuses upon the instructional drawings Judd and his fabricators created. 

In order to explore the limitations of 3-dimensional space, which Judd considered to be the most important development in art, it was necessary to clear away some of the conventions of sculpture and painting. The bare, minimal forms Judd produced were an attempt to avoid any form of illusionism, traditional materials and even the role of the artist and the studio.

Displayed in the Georgian Gallery in three distinct groups, the drawings include private studio drawings related to the fewer than 20 sculptures Judd made himself between 1962 and 1964, fabricators drawings from 1964 and a third type mostly from the 1970’s that are formal ‘portrait’ drawings made by Judd from his sculptures, often long after the works had been made.

Supported by Year of Creative Scotland 2012.

Working Papers: Donald Judd Drawings 1963-93 exhibition at Sprueth Magers London, January 13 - February 18, 2012. Curated by Peter Ballantine, preface by Pat Fisher, Talbot Rice Gallery. 

Exhibition held at Talbot Rice Gallery 4 Aug - 22 Oct 2012. 


Published by Sprueth Magers Berlin London

July 2012, English

22.3 cm x 19.7 cm x 0.6 cm, 46 pages, paperback edition with colour illustrations