Rob Kennedy | acts of dis play


Front cover of Rob Kennedy's catalogue, white, with featured work as image


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acts of dis play

For 'acts of dis play' Glasgow-based artist Rob Kennedy has created an immersive installation in Gallery 1, including a new video piece, weekly performances, detritus, found objects, philosophical texts and a selection of contemporary and historical artworks.

Working with these disparate elements, Kennedy foregrounds experience, asking the fundamental question of what it is to be in an art gallery surrounded by objects, images and sounds. Rather than filter or flatten this experience through conventional frameworks – explanatory labels, discrete objects or the distinction between art and life – Kennedy works to create a sense of ambiguity, displacement and play.

Edited by James Clegg.

Catalogue published on the occasion of Rob Kennedy's acts of dis play exhibition at Talbot Rice Gallery, 29 Oct - 17 Dec 2016.


Published by Talbot Rice Gallery

2017, English

20 cm x 23.5 cm, 42 pages, soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9955287-1-0