Song of the Union | Emeka Ogboh

Vinyl Record

Vinyl record with sleeves, entitled "Song of the Union" against white background


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A limited edition vinyl released by Talbot Rice Gallery on the occasion of the exhibition Song of the Union as part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2021 Commissions Programme.

12inch 140g black vinyl
2 colour outer sleeve and black polylined inner sleeve
Concept: Emeka Ogboh
Curator: Tessa Giblin
Production: Melissa MacRobert
Vocal director: Katy Cooper
Recorded by: Gavin McCabe at Reid School of Music, Edinburgh College of Art & Luigi Pasquini at Dystopia Studios, Glasgow
Mixed by: Gavin McCabe and Louis McHugh
Mastered by: Marco Pellegrino / Analogcut Mastering (Berlin)
Graphic design: Fraser Muggeridge studio
Manufacture: Mother Tongue, Verona, Italy
Edition of 500
Release date August 2021


Detailed Description


Song of the Union (mix), 2021

Duration (6:00)

Lyrics: Robert Burns Tune from George Thomson’s A Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs (Third set, 1799 no. 68)

Featuring the 28 voices of (in order of joining EU)Dorothee Sofia Charlotte Nys (Belgium), Bianca Morantin (France), Alberto Sarti (Italy), Ursula Böser (Germany), Annemarie Klein (Luxembourg), Kristine Mackenzie-Janson (Netherlands), René Sommer Lindsay (Denmark), Lori Sky (Ireland), Rory Haye (United Kingdom), Isidora Bouziouri (Greece), Carla Mendonça Ward (Portugal), Amaya López-Carromero (Spain), Ulrike Wutscher (Austria), Outi Smith (Finland), Tova Svanfeldt (Sweden), Crystalla Lola Serghiou (Cyprus), Štěpán Janča (Czech Republic), Greteliis Kattus (Estonia), Bado Réti (Hungary), Anna Marta Sveisberga (Latvia), Julija Straizyte (Lithuania), Laura Cioffi (Malta), Monika Niemczynowicz (Poland), Lucia Šmatláková (Slovakia), Rahela Horvat Toš (Slovenia), Gergana Vasileva (Bulgaria), Alexandra Dodu (Romania), Elizabeth Malnar (Croatia)



Na Làithean a Thréig

Scottish Gaelic

Duration (1:14)

Lyrics translated by Fionn (pen name of Eanraig MacGhille-bhàin) from The Celtic Garland, published by Archibald Sinclair, Glasgow, 1881

Performed by Tawana Maramba

Recorded at Dystopia Studios, Glasgow, 2021


Auld Lang Syne

Duration (3:50)

Lyrics: Robert Burns

Tune from James Johnson’s Scots Musical Museum, Vol. V, song 413, 1796

Performed by Jenny Nex

Recorded at Reid School of Music, Edinburgh College of Art, 2021