5 Things | Mona Yoo


As we all continue to adapt and adopt new ways of living and working from home, we have invited our cohort 2 Resident artists to share 5 Things that are keeping them busy, or keeping them going during lockdown. 

This week:
Mona Yoo


'Before I start work, I often make marks on Google maps and walk around city to understand the place where I currently live. The act of walking guides me to a new process of observing, thinking, researching and making.'
'Recently I have been interested in William Henry Playfair’s drawing, 'The National Monument of Scotland' (1826). By responding to this pillar drawing, I create a new structure of a sculptural object. For me, pillars represent a part of the supporting structure of a building, where the historical ruins became part of the city, showing the coexistence of past and present, with human traces on the surface.'
'I use handy equipment like a compact camera, a laser measurement, a level and a recorder to collect information and materials from everywhere. Even simple lines, numbers and sounds hold so many narratives.'
'The 1/50 scale architecture model helps me to read and understand the space, structure and characteristics of a building. While reading space by hand, I understand something, as it is delivered as more direct and concrete impression.

My eye, hands, and body remember.'
'Work suits are an important element that changes the atmosphere and my focus and mood as an artist. During the pandemic and lockdown, the blue jumpsuit suddenly brings me into the studio space and stimulates my creativity and art practice at home.'


Visit Mona's website for more information and images of her practice.


Mona is supported by Arts Council Korea.
All images Courtesy the Artist.