Mona Yoo

'Interior Displacement,' 2019. Shoji door, concrete, plaster, LED orange light, work gloves, rice sacks, plastic roof panel, drawing on Japanese paper, vinyl, white plastic strap, industrial lever-strap. Courtesy of Mona Yoo. Photo: Hanqing & Mona.

Strategies of form, space and architectural intervention underpin much of Mona Yoo's site-specific research and practice, which encompasses sculpture, digital drawing and spatial installation.

Archival images from historic contexts, blueprint documents and interior elements of buildings are rearranged and reconfigured through her use of found objects in daily life, alluding to encounters of the human body with architectural space.

Mona regards architecture as a reflection of culture, social structure and history; the patina of buildings, natural erosion and human remnants at a site deliver poetic sensations, as well as complex spatial characteristics to be interrogated.



Mona Yoo (b. 1987) lives and works in Edinburgh and Seoul. Recent exhibitions include: Place in reverse (2019), Yamakiwa Gallery, Niigata; Sediment, Patina, Displacement (2018), OCI Museum of Art, Seoul; We existed here (2017), Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, New Contemporaries (2015/16), ICA, London. Mona is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and Visual arts Scotland and she has co-founded the long-term collaborative project Hanqing & Mona. She is the recipient of the Gilbert Bayes Award, Bloomberg New Contemporaries and OCI Young Creatives, and has received grants from Arts Council Korea, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and GyeongGi Cultural Foundation. 


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