Rae-Yen Song

'It's a Small World' (test shot), 2017. Photo: Michael Barr

Rae-Yen Song explores self-mythologising as a survival tactic: using fantasy and fabulation to create a personal cultural language informed by autobiography, family stories, relationships and shared memories. Adopting this language as a tool for self-definition and imaginative resistance, Song creates multidimensional, non-linear and layered narratives that explore the position of Other to speak broadly and politically about race, gender, culture, identity and what it means to belong - or not.


Rae-Yen Song's (b. Edinburgh, 1993; lives in Glasgow) work often involves the use of drawing, sculpture, costume, props, video, family collaboration and performative actions in public. Recent exhibitions and residencies include: Fabric of Society, Glasgow International (2020); *May-May Songuu*, CFCCA, Manchester (2020); Summer Residency, Hospitalfield, Arbroath (2019); Survey, Jerwood Arts, London (2018) (touring 2019: G39, Cardiff; Bluecoat, Liverpool; BALTIC, Gateshead).; Platform (2018), Edinburgh Art Festival; Le Colt est Jeune & Haine (2018), DOC, Paris; and Human Rights Art Festival (2017), JDA Perera Gallery, Colombo. Rae-Yen has also founded Song's House of Fancy and co-founded the collaborative projects Jarsdell Solutions Ltd and YAKA Collective.


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