Talbot Rice Residents

Sekai Machache, 'The Divine Sky', 2020, photograph. Courtesy the artist

Current Residents

Renèe Helèna Browne
Ross Fleming
Emmie McLuskey
Sekai Machache
Matt Zurowski 

Jenny Hogarth
Rae-Yen Song
Eothen Stearn
Sarah Rose
Mona Yoo 


Future Residents - 2022-24
Alaya Ang
Crystal Bennes
Maria de Lima
Thulani Rachia
Kirsty Russell


Talbot Rice Residents provides time and support for early-career artists based in Scotland within the unique context of Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh.

Talbot Rice Residents provides time and support for emerging, or re-emerging, artists based in Scotland within the unique context of Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh. Residents receive year-round curatorial and technical support from the Talbot Rice team, as well as access to workshops, libraries and collections, and contact with the vast academic community within the University of Edinburgh. In addition to an annual Artist Fee, Residents receive an individual budget for production and travel, and meet at key points in the programme for masterclasses and workshops delivered by invited guests. The programme also includes national and international research trips and new commissioned writing. 

Characterised by rigorous exploration, experimentation and risk-taking, Talbot Rice Residents are encouraged to make use of the resources on offer and undertake a significant period of research, whilst also actively seeking public moments to show work (or work in progress) throughout the programme. Residents are invited to consider and use the diverse estate of the University of Edinburgh, as well as the digital world, as potential sites for outcomes and will be fully supported by Talbot Rice to promote their work. The programme culminates in 2023 with an exhibition in London.

The opportunity is open to artists based anywhere in Scotland, who have been out of full-time education for a total of 3 years or more, or have at least 3 years demonstrable practice. 5 artists are selected from an annual Open Call, and are on the programme for a 2-year period.


The Talbot Rice Residents programme is part of a UK-wide initiative funded by the Freelands Foundation to support and grow creative communities by fostering long term relationships and collaborations between artists and arts organisation.





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